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DocMeLabs is where our imagination comes to life. It is a testing ground for quick-release products and applications to make work more efficient and effective.

Watch this space to see what we release next!


PACT Act & Veteran Identification

More than 1 million veterans have dual health care coverage through both the VA and a private health plan.  Despite this sizeable population, very few private plans have the adequate infrastucture to identify this population and, more importantly, ensure their veteran enrollees are accessing all available benefits through the VA.

With recent legislative changes through the PACT Act, veterans now have access to health care coverage at unprecedented levels. Yet, private health plans require updated infrastructure to ensure their veteran enrollees are maximizing these benefits through the VA.


Learn how DocMe360 is helping private plans identify their veteran population and ensuring optimal coverage under expanded benefits.



DocBot provides an effortless way to search your entire repository of files for quick and easy answers. 


With DocBot, you can: 

  • Provide your team with an easy, accessible way to search via Slack or Teams for the latest version of a shared document.

  • Ensure your team is working from the same version of a document.

  • Answer any “how to” questions based on your company’s shared files.

DocBot is available through the App store and currently integrates with Sharepoint and Github. 

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We're always excited to test new ideas or products - let us know what you have in mind! 

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