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DOCME360 and the department of Veterans Affairs

Since 2018, DocMe360 has been a trusted partner to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on several mission-driven programs, projects, and products.    


Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
  • Office of Veterans Access to Care [OVAC]

  • Office of Community Care

  • Office of Connected Care [OCC]

  • Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy [CMOP]

  • Consolidated Patient Account Center [CPAC]

  • VHAInnovators Network [iNET]

Office of Information & Technology [OI&T]
  • Office of the VA Chief Technology Officer [OCTO]

Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA]
  • Compensation & Pension [C&P]

  • Debt Management Center [DMC]

Veterans Experience Officer [VEO]


Board of Veterans’ Appeals [BVA]

Projects & progaMs

VEText Program

A secure messaging platform to alert veterans of upcoming appointments and other important information.

VA Notify

An enterprise notification platform to send text messages, emails, and push notifications to veterans.

Clinical Decision Support Platform (CDSP) 

A platform and suite of apps to help healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient care.


VA Rideshare Program

A ridesharing program to help veterans get to and from medical appointments, job interviews, and more.

VA Foodshare Program

A program to provide food assistance to veterans in need.

Veteran Experiences Services (VES) portfolio

A portfolio of products designed to improve the veteran experience.


VES Seamless Customer Experience (CX) Initiative

An initiative to create a seamless customer experience for veterans.

System/Service Integrations

VistA/CPRS, CDW, VA Profile, Master Patient Index [MPI], VA Single Sign-On (SSO), BVA Caseflow, API


VA Enterprise Cloud [VAEC] , AWS, VA On-Prem (VA Data Centers)

Security and Compliance

OGC PHI/PII Approval Process, Authority to Operate (ATO), Authority to Connect (ATC)

American Flags

Our experience at the VA involves seamlessly integrating and building innovative solutions to enhance accessibility, streamline processes, and improve the overall experience for veterans seeking healthcare, benefits, and support.

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