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Our Work


Past Performance and Experience

Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA]

Compensation & Pension [C&P]

Debt Management Center [DMC]

Veterans Experience Officer [VEO]


Board of Veterans’ Appeals [BVA]


Office of Information & Technology [OI&T]

Office of the VA Chief Technology Officer [OCTO]


Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Office of Veterans Access to Care [OVAC]

Office of Community Care

Office of Connected Care [OCC]

Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy [CMOP]

Consolidated Patient Account Center [CPAC]

VHAInnovators Network [iNET]

Integrations, Environment, Architecture, Security, and Compliance

System/Service Integrations:



VA Profile

Master Patient Index [MPI]

VA Single Sign-On [SSO]

BVACaseflow API

Environment /Architecture:

VA Enterprise Cloud [VAEC] –AWS 

Local VA Hosted Servers 


Security and Compliance:

OGCPHI/PII Approval Process 

Authority to Operate [ATO]

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c19 dashboard copy.jpg

Since 2018, DocMe360 has supported the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on several mission-driven programs, projects, and products.    


  • COVID-19 Keep Me Informed (KMI) Emails

  • 526EZ Confirmation Emails

VEText Program

  • Appointment Reminders (PHI & non-PHI)

  • Open Slot Management (OSM) 

  • I Am Here (IMH) / Patient Tracking Tool

  • OR Surgery Notifications

  • Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) Reminders

  • Mass Text Messaging (i.e., Flu Shot Reminders, etc.)

  • VEText API

  • Community Care Notifications [in development]

COVID-19 Initiatives 

  • Keep Me Informed (KMI) Power BI Dashboard

  • COVID-19 Direct Scheduling Solution 

  • COVID-19 Informational Mass Notifications

  • COVID-19 Screener <> VEText Integration

Emerging Technology Projects

  • VHALoma Linda Contact Center Prototype

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Autoresponder 

  • Chatbot Prototype 

Innovators Network (iNET) Projects

  • Pre-Procedural Assessment Patient Survey

  • Pharmacy Notifications –Shipment Alerts

Strategy & Technical Advisory

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Advisory services to the Office of the VA CTO (OCTO)’s Health Product Lead [Clinician-Facing Apps]

  • Develop/Manage Product Roadmaps

  • VA Digital Notifications [VANotify+ VEText]

  • After Visit Summary (AVS)

  • Technical Advisory Services

  • Advisory on 3rdParty Vendor Integrations (AWS Pinpoint, Twilio, etc.)

Data Management & Analytics 

  • Configured/Setup Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

  • VEText Program [key stats and metrics]

  • COVID-19 Keep Me Informed (KMI) Initiative

Digital Services

  • Product Management Services

  • VEText Program 

  • After Visit Summary (AVS)

  • Engineering Services

  • VHALoma Linda Contact Center Prototype

  • Research

  • Hosted Hackathons to Obtain Veterans’ Feedback

Program & Project Management

  • Managed Deployment of Applications/Features to 100+ VA medical centers (VAMCs)

  • VEText:  Appointment Reminders

  • VEText:  Open Slot Management (OSM)

  • After Visit Summary (AVS)

  • Supported the VA Authority to Operate (ATO) Process

  • VEText Program + After Visit Summary (AVS)

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