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Creating a centralized clinical decision support platform


Independent clinical groups, specialties, and teams within the Veterans Affairs (VA) were creating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools and applications in silos - yet many required the same basic capabilities, data access points, or features. A new CDS platform was needed, particularly one that multiple teams could access to both increase speed to market and enable shared applications in a centralized location.

Working with DocMe360

With its unique understanding of the intricacies of the VA, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), DocMe360 was the ideal partner to build a unified, cohesive program for shared decision-making, strategy, funding, and long-term support of a new CDS platform. DocMe360 led the program through product, security, and support advisory services, as well as launched and managed a full product support team to do all training, communications, user support, data analytics, site onboarding, and user adoption.

Early Results

DocMe360 united independent groups to form a single, cohesive team and established new policies, procedures, and processes to manage the CDS platform. With this cohesion, there has been a significant increase in the utilization of the shared functionality.

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