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Addressing the lack of reliable transportation options for veterans.


The lack of reliable transportation options for veterans was affecting access to employment, housing resources, and healthcare. So, in partnership with Uber and Lyft, the VA sought to launch Rideshare. 


The VA awarded the grant to ArchitectureSolutions, LLC who then brought on 1P and DocMe360 to develop and launch the Rideshare program. DocMe360 deployed its collaborative product management approach to significantly improve the end-to-end management of the program's platform features. 

The DocMe360 Approach

DocMe360 established new, internal processes between the development and program teams to streamline overall delivery. Specifically, DocMe360: 

  • Managed cross-functional teams across all functions of sprint planning, backlog grooming, and sprint reviews

  • Collaborated with development teams to develop and execute core platform features, including API integrations with Uber and Lyft

  • Conducted and managed end user feedback with veterans nation-wide


The rideshare program witnessed remarkable growth, with a 1272% increase in the number of rides from January 2022 toJanuary 2023, reaching a total of 554,000 rides. The substantial surge in the number of rides offered to veterans led to enhanced access to vital employment opportunities, housing resources, and healthcare services.

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