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Building a seamless service experience for veterans.

The Need

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) many service offerings have historically been funded, developed and operated independently from one another - leaving Veterans with a disjointed experience when they seek help from the VA.   To create a better experience for Veterans, the Veteran Experience Services (VES) portfolio needed help to shape and execute their vision for a Seamless Customer Experience (CX). 

DocMe360's Role

Through program management and analysis support, DocMe360 helped the VES Seamless CX team to: 

  • Conduct extensive internal research with VA subject matter experts to understand the current operating landscape of external communication channels

  • Develop a useful centralized resource -  The Seamless CX Channel Guide - to help internal VA teams understand and select the best external communication channels for their products and services

  • Build an internal Seamless CX Channel Guide website to facilitate easier and more convenient navigation and sharing with internal teams and users

  • Create a set of Seamless Best Practices to guide teams as they plan the implementation or modernization of VA services


DocMe360’s efforts brought disparate and previously unconnected platform teams together, increasing awareness and harmony among common Veteran interactions and experiences. DocMe360 continues to support the VES CX team in their strategic planning, prioritization, and implementation of ongoing Seamless improvements. 

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