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Standardizing end-user notifications across a portfolio of products


The VA provides several services to millions of Veterans, their families, and those who support them.  Needing a consistent, efficient, and effective way to communicate with everyone, the VA created VANotify.  

VANotify standardizes notifications to Veterans and service users, while also allowing VA lines of business (LOBs) to integrate quickly with an API-first integration.

Our Role

To handle a considerable volume of requests from the LOBs, DocMe360 had to quickly enhance existing capabilities and build new technical solutions. DocMe360 developed the internal AWS services and supporting user interface (UI) (Lambdas, Kafka, Fargate instances) that business lines then used to manage millions of notifications.

DocMe360, as part of a team with other digital services providers,  allowed VA LOBs to stay in constant touch with their end users, driving immediate impact and value with VANotify.  

Learn more about VANotify at:

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