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Driving growth for Veterans Experience Services


VES aims to provide Veterans with the right benefits at the right time, enabling the VA to become the leader in customer experience.  VES consists of more than 90 individual products spread across five distinct product lines, all designed to anticipate and respond to Veteran needs. 

DocMe360 Approach

DocMe360 has been engaged since 2022 to ensure VES produces quality & sustainable solutions to support the Veteran experience and broader VA strategic goals. DocMe360 provides unique subject matter expertise across IT Strategy, Product Management, and Portfolio Management. 

IT Strategy

DocMe360 evaluates new products, ensures the necessary infrastructure and development is in place, and enables the delivery of key initiatives. Most notably, DocMe360 supported the Pact Act Modernization Plan and the Integrated Master Schedule. 

Portfolio Management

DocMe360 supports VES leadership in its holistic portolio review to identify opportunities for improvement, including: 

  • deprecating and/or integrating duplicative products; 

  • standardizing processes in areas such as product intake, incident monitoring & response, and release scheduling across all applications; and 

  • improving communications across product teams. 

Product Management

In addition to delivering a seamless customer experience, advising on incident response processes, and developing several dashboards to manage the array of VES products, DocMe360 continues to use its knowledge of VA products and best practices to recommend sustainable product solutions that align to VA processes. 

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